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“The reLEARN workshop is incredible! I will apply what I learned in my daily business practice. I highly recommend this to any professional who wants to get the most out of the interaction and relationships with co-workers and management.”
– Tracy Gallimore, COO, XPIENT Solutions
reLEARN: A Smarter Way to Work™
Organizational learning has never been more important or more challenging for business leaders.  In a multi-generational workplace with Millennials comprising nearly half of the current global workforce, understanding how we learn and how different learning styles impact productivity and innovation has never been more significant.  Creativity is a core competency for leaders and essential to the innovation process.  As organizations compete to gain marketshare, the winners will be those that create optimal learning environments for the entire team.  Maximize the collective knowledge, skills, and creativity of your team with whole-brain thinking and learning strategies.
Let us show you how to apply the strategic dimensions of whole-brain thinking and learning to give your organization a competitive edge by:
• Improving communication
• Enhancing creativity and innovation
• Increasing employee engagement
• Improving employee retention
• Building intellectual capital
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The Andrick Group is committed to delivering the kinds of high-quality, engaging, collaborative professional development opportunities that build the capacity for learning and organizational growth.

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