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Over the last few decades, advances in neuroscience have illuminated important discoveries about our capacity for learning, problem-solving, creativity, success, and happiness. Happy Hour with Einstein won't get you a degree in neuroscience, but it will share recent research about how the brain functions and those factors which impact cognition, creativity, and memory with practical strategies for a smarter, happier YOU!

Part one explores the regions of the brain and explains how laughter, doodling, movement, surprise, and gratitude have been proven to change the way we think and learn.  Part two enables you to put that information to work in the form of a gratitude journal.

Think of it as happy hour with Einstein and a few other brainiacs sharing their discoveries in "plain speak" over a few cocktails. So belly up to the bar for a few inspirational hors d'oeuvres and intellectual small plates that will change the way you see yourself and the world.

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Happy Hour With Einstein!

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