“The re:LEARN: A Smarter Way to Work™  workshop is incredible! I appreciated the exercise "looking at things through another's lenses" and I will apply what I have learned in my daily business practice. I highly recommend this to any business professional who wants to get the most out of the interaction and relationships with co-workers and management.”
Tracy Gallimore, COO, XPIENT Solutions
“I highly recommend re:LEARN: A Smarter Way to Work™ .  It provides valuable insights into how to maximize productivity across a multi-generational workforce, practical ways to increase learning by engaging more areas of the brain, and techniques for generating more creative ideas to increase innovation.  The icing on the cake is that it’s fun too!”
Chris Neimeister, CTO, XPIENT Solutions
“The re:LEARN: A Smarter Way to Work™  session was awesome and there was a great balance between education, science, day-to-day application techniques, role playing, lecture, real-life examples, and exercises/games. The real world examples were excellent!”
Laura Fanning, Sr. Director, Engineering Operations, Heartland
"This was perhaps the best professional development workshop I've ever attended! Dr. Hughes did an excellent job not only sharing the information, but doing so in an engaging and fun way! I was looking at the information from not only the perspective of a teacher, but also how it might help me as the parent of both a gifted child and of a special needs child to facilitate their learning"
Karen Houck, Polk Co.
"This workshop was interactive and fun! The presenter shared a wealth of knowledge and I loved the opportunity to collaborate with my colleagues. I felt like Dr. Hughes was talking with me across the table. Great presentation!"
Jessica, Teacher. Chicago IL.
"Awesome session! The facilitator not only shared valuable information about Common Core Standards, but she also shared classroom strategies and resources to address our specific concerns."
Judy J., Nativity BVM School.
"I enjoyed this more than any other training I can remember. The presenter was outstanding. She made the interactions and information comfortable and attainable. Fantastic day. Thank you!"
Deanna Shick, Polk Co.



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