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Today’s most successful companies want more than education, experience, and job skills.  They want people who know how to learn.  As more and more millennials leave the classrooms and enter the workforce, the correlation between how we learn and how we work has never been more significant. The most successful organizations have more in common than profitability and growth.
Today’s leading companies amplify their competitive advantage by building learning communities that continually create and share new knowledge. Those who recognize the bifurcation and establish a new division of learning are able to create the conditions necessary to maximize the innovation, creativity and problem solving from the entire organization.
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Our facilitators are experts in the field who bring both teaching experience and a broad knowledge base of educational issues and pedagogy to every session. Understanding the unique challenges and needs of each educational community with whom we work differentiates us from other professional development services out there.
 We take great pride in our ability to meet the specific needs of your school by having a conversation, learning about your needs, and delivering engaging workshops and pedagogical strategies to meet those needs.
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The Andrick Group is committed to delivering the kinds of high-quality, engaging, collaborative professional development opportunities that build the capacity for learning and organizational growth.

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